(Please note that the online consultation booking system is coming soon. For more information or to book an appointment, please send us an e-mail.)

Who Can Benefit from a Consultation?

  • Are you new to aromatherapy?
  • Are you exploring the safe use of essential oils and hydrosols?
  • Do you have some experience with essential oils but would like some professional advice on blending and specific situations?
  • Would you like a unique, custom blend?

Then you can benefit from a Gingerly consultation!

Aromatherapy Consultation

Physical issues: headaches, PMS symptoms, skin conditions, bruises, sore muscles, cold & flu
Emotional issues: anxiety, stress, depression, grief
Natural cleaning and diffuser blends
Natural perfume and beauty products

A consultation at Gingerly takes about an hour and costs $75+HST. This includes a unique, custom blend of essential oils.